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2004-03-05 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

You Make Me Feel Like 'Gancing'

New York, NY -- The metrosexual movement may have gone too far -- now, straight guys are trying to dance with each other instead of women.

According to the upcoming issue of "Stuff" magazine, the hottest dance trend in New York clubs is "gancing," a term for when guys boogie oogie oogie together.

One popular "gance step" features one guy pretending to be a shark while his pal runs away in fright. Another manly move has the guys pretending to be kangaroos complete with pouches and Fosters beer.

It sounds gay but editor Bill Schulz says gancing is actually a carefully choreographed way that straight guys use to meet women.

In fact, one Manhattan travel agent says he gets more phone numbers from ladies from doing a dance routine where he pretends to give birth to a pal than he ever did hanging out at the bar.

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