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2003-12-22 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Prophet Declares: 'Someone's Gonna Burn The Statue Of Liberty's Dress'

Parowan, UT -- Saddam Hussein's capture has some people breathing easier, but one doomsday prophet in Parowan, Utah, claims it's only the beginning of nuclear war.

Leeland Freeborn is known as the "Parowan Prophet" and he says Hussein's capture is part of a revelation he had last August.

The main part of vision concerned the Statue Of Liberty. Freeborn says Miss Liberty was on fire and he could "see her crouching in order to cover her body."

If things come to pass as Freeborn suggests, Hussein and Mormon Church leader Gordon Hinckley will die on the same day, and that's the signal for Russia to spring a surprise attack on America designed to kill 100 million citizens.

It sounds grim, but Freeborn hopes his warning inspires people to gather supplies and find a bank vault to hide in for at least a week when the disaster strikes.

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