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2003-10-22 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

New Device Allows Gals To Pee Like Guys

Houston, TX -- Two twin sisters from Houston have created a device which allows women to do something Mother Nature never intended: Pee while standing up.

Retirees Vivian Lipman and Joyce Nimetz were inspired to develop the funnel-like "My SweetPee" shield after years of getting grossed out by the germy seats in women's public restrooms.

The bathroom aid is a bowling pin-shaped piece of water-resistant paper that women are supposed to hold up to their privates when they have to go. You tilt the paper down and curve the ends into a funnel and the urine flows into the toilet.

There's also a reusable version that can be disinfected after use rather than tossed in the garbage.

Vivian says My Sweet Pee is easy to get the hang of but it's important to practice at home before braving a nasty public restroom.

One key step to remember: Gather your toilet paper before you start to go, otherwise you'll get messy when you remove the shield.

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