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2003-09-26 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Modern Technology Gives Leg Up To Armless Man

Dayton, TN -- When Jesse Sullivan lost his arms from electrical burns 15 months ago, he needed a hand real bad.

Luckily, he got that -- and an arm to boot -- thanks to an amazing new prosthesis that Sullivan controls with his thoughts.

Sullivan is a former power linesman who touched a live wire that electrical burns so severe both his arms were amputated at the shoulder.

Despite the limb loss, doctors at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago were able to give 56-year-old Sullivan a leg up on other amputees with an artificial limb that he can move at will.

Sullivan admits the fingers on the fake hand are slower than the real thing but doesn't mind, since it's better than facing the world unarmed.

Plus, Sullivan says his bionic arm has given him a new appreciation for chores like mowing the lawn and vacuuming the house but he isn't stopping there. He still plans to drive a car and learn how to fish with his fake limb.

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