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2003-07-29 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Sylvester Stallone: Guillotined In France

New York, NY -- Sylvester Stallone career has been occasionally rocky but it's certainly better than what has happened to him in his previous lives.

According to an upcoming book, "Unlock Your Secret Dreams" (Sterling), Stallone believes in reincarnation and is convinced he was guillotined during the French Revolution.

Perhaps that's why he's never made a movie set in that era.

Other celebrities also are convinced they have had other incarnations.

-- Englebert Humperdinck says he was a Roman emperor in a past life.

-- Tina Turner says a psychic told her she's the reincarnation of Hatshepsut, a woman pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

-- Finally, movie stardom is nothing new for John Travolta. He is willing to consider the possibility he was once Rudolph Valentino.

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