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2003-07-25 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Washington Interns Get More Play On Campus Than On Capitol Hill

Washington -- The stereotype of Washington interns falling prey to lecherous lawmakers is just that -- a stereotype.

So reveals a new dating and politics poll of Capitol Hill interns in which students share details of their dating lives.

The Independent Women's Forum survey shows 70 percent of Washington interns haven't hooked up with anyone yet this summer.

The students are evidently saving the hanky panky for their college campuses, because around two-thirds say they had at least one "hook up" during the past year at school.

Other intern information...

-- 41 percent of the interns are single.

-- 56 percent came to the capital to get professional experience, but 5 percent came for the "social aspects."

-- And, finally, Democrat interns are five times more likely than Republican interns to categorize the "hook-up" as the most common type of dating at college.

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