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2003-07-22 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Hollywood Needs One-Legged Stuntmen

San Diego, CA -- A one-armed man is hoping to help disabled people get a leg up in show business -- doing stunts.

Stuntman David Smith -- who portrayed the monster in "Predator II" -- says disabled actors are in demand for movie stunts because their disabilities allow for more realistic stunts.

Smith says it's easier to put a prosthetic leg on a one-legged actor for an explosion scene than having computer graphics artists digitally remove a leg from a two-legged thespian.

One-legged and one-armed actors are especially popular when filmmakers need to show someone having a limb ripped from a body.

But disabled stunt work isn't something you just fall into. Smith says you need proper training -- and that's where he lends a hand, or hook.

Smith runs Stuntsability, a stunt school in San Diego that is the only one that trains disabled folks for show business.

The school holds its next round of classes in August and while Smith expects a few grads will be hooked on show business, he admits many students will be happy to simply be shot with fake bullets.

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