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2003-06-16 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Alternative Uses For K-Y Jelly

New York, NY -- K-Y Jelly is moving out of the bedroom and into your hair, shoes and clothing -- thanks in part to "Sex And The City" costume designer Patricia Field.

Field is the editor of a new booklet, "Modern Girls Guide, Everyday Uses For K-Y Brand," that contains 17 alternative uses for the sexual lubricant submitted by folks like Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran and dress designer Betsey Johnson.

Rhodes suggests filling a baggie with the goop, putting it in the freezer and using it as a cold compress; while Johnson says the stuff makes a great hair gel.

Other unusual ideas include applying it to large pieces of furniture to help it slide across wooden floors; substituting K-Y jelly for shaving cream and even using it to polish leaves on plants.

Then there's Field's suggestion: Apply K-Y to your shoes instead of polish or use it to slip on a tight latex tube top.

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