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2003-04-15 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Barfing Ghost Haunts College Dorm

Terre Haute, IN -- Any ghost can haunt a house, but there's a spook in Terre Haute, Indiana, who prefers to barf in it.

The gut-spilling ghost is named "Barfing Barb" and has reportedly been haunting a college dormitory at Indiana State University.

According to folklore professor Nan McEntire, Barfing Barb has been haunting Burford Hall for generations, usually at the beginning of the semester.

Eyewitnesses claim they see the ghost of a female who spews paranormal puke all over the place and the local legend is she is the spirit of a co-ed who barfed herself to death after one too many frat parties.

No one knows for sure if Barfing Barb is for real but it may be keeping kids who live in Burford Hall away from keg parties. McEntire says the dorm doesn't have a very wild reputation on campus.

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