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2003-03-25 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Why You Should Never Wear Red In A Casino

Odessa, FL -- A lady in red is a welcome visitor to any casino -- though she may not like the reason why.

It seems the security cameras that casinos rely on for catching cheaters have the side-effect of seeing right through any clothing colored red.

That's according to James Swain, an expert on the world of casino scams and card cheaters and author of the upcoming novel, "Sucker Bet" (Ballantine Books).

He says he didn't believe security cameras were capable of such X-ray-vision until he viewed a piece of casino videotape which clearly showed a female blackjack dealer's derriere through her pants.

Swain says the cameras also see right through clothing made of polyester, bad toupees and cheap suits.

So it would seem cheaters of all sorts never prosper -- at least on security camera videotape.

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