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2003-03-24 - Weird News
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'Pornorchestra' Adds Class To X-Rated Movies

Oakland, CA -- Who listens to the music in a porno? No one -- but some musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area are out to change that.

The maestros of the PornOrchestra project are setting out to reinvent dirty movie music by composing serious film scores to X-rated movies, as well as improvising compositions live in concert over footage from vintage 1970s porn.

Composer Shannon Mariemont is the mastermind of the experiment. She says she started the effort last November because it always bothered her that porn soundtracks blow -- and not in a good way.

When bigwigs in the porn industry laughed off Mariemont's offer of composing "good" music for movies, she decided to take the Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney route and put on a show of her own.

Around 20 musicians recently debuted their orgasmic orchestral compositions at a PornOrchestra concert in Oakland, California. Another show is scheduled for June, also in Oakland.

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