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2003-03-07 - Weird News
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Sex And The Single Sasquatch

Portland, ME -- A Bigfoot researcher is taking a giant step for science -- he's studying the sex life of the Sasquatch.

Loren Coleman says there is a lot of information available about the sex lives of various apes, chimps and other primates -- but very little about how Bigfoot knocks boots.

This isn't for lack of reports. Coleman says many eyewitnesses are willing to talk about Bigfoot breasts or penises, but researchers are "too modest" to report the bare facts.

He says there are some amazing reports about Sasquatch sex that need to be studied further, including one person who claims to have seen a Bigfoot having sex with a cow.

Even stranger: Coleman says there have been at least few cases of adult men who were kidnapped by male creatures and forced to impregnate female Bigfoot creatures.

He discusses sex and the single Sasquatch in an upcoming book, "Bigfoot! The True Story Of Apes In America" (Paraview Pocket Books).

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