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2003-02-25 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Computer Program Picks Hits Better Than Simon Cowell

Barcelona, Spain -- "American Idol" judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson may soon be replaced by computers.

Scientists in Barcelona, Spain, have created a new "tune technology" to accurately pinpoint which songs will be hits, using 22 variables, such as melody, beat, harmony and the distance between the singer and the microphone.

Researcher Mike McCready says the computer program is 93 percent successful in picking which songs become hits.

Some music insiders fear the technology will encourage homogenized records, but McCready says it does the exact opposite and cites Norah Jones' Grammy-winning "Come Away With Me" CD as a perfect example.

He says the computer program picked Jones' CD to be huge long ago -- and eight of her songs have hit potential.

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