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2003-01-09 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Fingernail Polish Nails Down A Woman's Personality

Issaquah, WA -- If you really want to nail down a woman's personality, take a look at her fingernails.

That's according to numerologist and color consultant Pam Bell, who says the colors women choose to paint their nails are a window to their soul.

Red polish wearers are leaders with strong convictions who want to be noticed, while those who like pink nails are reliable friends who have a romantic side.

Bright orange nails indicate a woman who likes big city life and seeks out trends, while french manicures are worn by those who want to be groomed and look like the girl next door.

Ladies who choose wacky colors like green and blue have a rebellious streak, while those who wear no polish are self-sufficient but tend to commit themselves to too many projects.

And what about men who wear black nail polish? Bell says these guys are rebels who pride themselves on keeping their private lives private.

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