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2002-10-30 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Did Jesus Eat Magic Mushrooms At Last Supper?

Santa Cruz, CA -- Chew on this: An ethnobotanist in Santa Cruz, California, thinks Jesus was munching magic mushrooms at the Last Supper.

Clark Heinrich says man has enjoyed the psychedelic effects of mushrooms since thousands of years before Christ -- and figured the King of Kings probably turned on as well.

In fact, he thinks Jesus was high on a psychedelic 'shroom known as "fly agaric" which was hailed for its taste as well as its trips.

Heinrich says the mushroom resembles pita bread and when soaked with water it feels exactly like human skin. He figures that's the bread that Jesus was referring to at the last supper when he said "eat this bread, this is my body."

But that's not the only way Jesus might have doled out psychedelics. Heinrich says people who eat lots of shrooms have a reddish-orange urine that's even more hallucinogenic -- and figures the almighty turned water into wine by whizzing into a five-gallon jug of H20.

Heinrich is the author of a new book, "Magic Mushrooms In Religion And Alchemy" (Park Street Press).

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