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2002-06-24 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Owner Of World's Worst Bridesmaid Gown Facing Dressy Dilemma

Alton, IL -- What's worse than winning a contest for the World's Worst Bridesmaid Dress? Breaking the news to the bride that made you wear the gown.

That's the dilemma Robin Durr of Alton, Illinois is facing. The shiny hot pink, ruffled ballgown she wore in her pal's 1987 wedding has just won her the worst dress "honor" from DeKuyper schnapps -- and she still hasn't broken the news to the bride.

"I haven't told her yet," Durr admits. "I don't know what to do because she really loved that dress."

She'll have to fess up soon: Durr will be modeling the awful frock during a worst bridesmaid dress fashion show Thursday (Jun. 27) in New York.

The 44-year-old says although the poofy neon dress isn't her style at all, she thinks it will be fun to finally wear it again. However, Durr admits she's not sure what shoes to wear.

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