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2002-06-24 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Breast Implant 'Sloshing' Common For Women

Davis, CA -- Would you believe some breast implants that aren't installed properly can make embarrassing sloshing noises?

It's true, according to Dr. Granger B. Wong, an assistant professor of plastic surgery at the University of California Davis medical center. He says poorly implanted saline sacks can make a sound like water sloshing in a half-empty plastic sandwich bag.

Dr. Wong says all breast implants come from the manufacturer containing some air which the doctor is supposed to suck out, but sometimes a little air pocket remains which causes the sounds.

However, he says if you hear sloshing in your breasts, you shouldn't worry -- it isn't dangerous and will usually go away in a month or so.

Dr. Wong's findings are presented in the June issue of the "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal."

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