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2001-05-04 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Dreams Of Pecking Birds Means Unhappiness In Love Life

London, England -- It may sound bird-brained but dreaming about birds reveals a lot about your sex life while you're awake.

According to London-based dream expert Dr. Pam Spurr, if you dream about holding a bird in your hand, it suggests you want some tender lovemaking.

-- Dreams where a bird is pecking you can mean you feel your sex partner is too demanding.

-- Men who dream about snakes may have unexpressed homosexual desires.

-- Dreams with cats usually mean you are sexually satisfied.

Finally, if you dream about a horse that runs away, it could mean you're about to break up with a partner.

Dr. Spurr discusses sexual dream symbols in a new book, "Dreams And Sexuality" (Sterling).

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