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2000-12-04 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

John Goodman: Gay America's New Sex Symbol?

New York, NY -- Forget Ricky Martin -- John Goodman is gay America's hottest new sex symbol.

Goodman tells the upcoming "Advocate" magazine that one of the perks about playing a gay man on the new Fox sitcom, "Normal, Ohio," is that he's attracting a whole new fan base: gay chubby chasers.

In fact, Goodman says he was recently approached by a man who invited him to attend a "bear party" for guys attracted to big and hairy Fred Flintstone types.

He says he doesn't mind the attention but he admits it's a big switch from the "Roseanne" days when he attracted only female fans -- including one woman who sent him a nude photo of herself giving a dog a bath.

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