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2000-11-07 - Weird News
Wireless Flash News

Ty Cobb Named Biggest Villain In Sports

Old Bridge, NJ -- Talk about a "loser streak": Baseball legend Ty Cobb has been named the all-time biggest villain in sports.

The dubious honor comes courtesy of sportswriters Ken Rappoport and Barry Wilner, authors of the new book, "Villains: The Bad Boys and Girls of Sport" (Andrews-McMeel).

They say Cobb's legendary temper helped him easily beat out other bad boys including Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight and Don King.

That temper included leaping into the stands during a game to punch out a one-handed fan. On another occasion Cobb roughed up a teammate who beat him to the bath following a game.

Even after retirement, Rappoport claims Cobb was a hot head who once told President Dwight Eisenhower to "Get the hell out of my way."

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