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Prescriptions, Medications, and Drug Abuse medications and narcotics

Learn more about key medications or prescription drugs and get the inside scoop on the risks and consequences of illegal drug use.

drug prescriptions
Review data and potential side effects of popular prescription drugs.

Accutane Aciphex Adderall
Adipex Bactrim Benicar
Biaxin Buspar Celebrex
Celexa Cortisol Diazepam
Effexor Hydrocodone Metoprolol
Neurontin Paxil

illegal drugs
Learn more about the drugs that plague the nation.

Barbiturates Cannabis Cocaine
Codeine Fentanyl Flunitrazepam
GHB Hallucinogens Hashish
Heroin Marijuana

state drug abuse
What's happening on the streets in drug abuse and trafficking.

Arizona California Colorado
Florida Georgia Indiana
Kansas Louisiana Maryland
Maine Michigan Minnesota
New Jersey New York

Street Drugs Glossary
Think you're really on the ball with the latest buzz terms?
It pays to stay in the loop, especially if you're a parent, and this glossary of over 3000 different street terms for drugs and the drug trade will surely help.

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