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Free Daily Horoscopes
Scorpio on February 19, 2018

( For people born between Oct 23 - Nov 21 )
Daily horoscopes and supplementary reports
for Scorpios
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Celebrity Scorpios
Celebrities that were born under the sign of Scorpio.

• Adam Pascal - Actor. Credited cast in the 1999 movie, SLC Punk!.

• Maureen Teefy - Actor. Credited cast in the 1982 movie, Grease 2.

• William Sackheim - Writing credits include the 1980 movie, The Competition.

• Kamil Piros - Hockey Player. Drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 1997 in the 8th round (212nd pick).

• Vinny Testaverde - Football Player. Drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1987 in the 1st round.

Posters and Photos
  • Calista Flockhart
  • Dale Evans
  • Linda Evans
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Allison Janney
  • David Lean
  • Randy Harrison
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Stephen Herek

Celebrity listings are updated every day!
Today's Scorpio Horoscope
You're well-known for your personal magnetism and the amazing ability to persuade people to do almost anything. When someone who seems too perfect arrives, you do everything you can to get them to spending time alone with you. If they're already with you, it's even better! You don't work any less hard or any less sweetly, and they're just as happy as they were the first time around. If they're not yours yet, expect that to change pretty soon.

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Tomorrow's Forecast
You're willing to do whatever it takes to help someone close, and that quality is the stuff that legends are made of (with your people, anyway). You may have found, though, that quality mostly lacking in others. Believe it or not, someone who's got it going on could be coming your way soon -- but you've got to take a little risk and let yourself get to know them better.

Is love in your cards?

Yesterday's Report for Scorpios
You need to skip casual chitchat about the weather and whatnot. You're back to your fervent desire to stick to the facts, and you might also have a mission in mind. You need to know what this new person is all about down deep. You shouldn't scare them off -- you know how you can get when you're really focused. Go easy, at least at first. You should get what you need.

» Element:Water
» Ruling Planet:Mars and Pluto
» Symbol:the Scorpion
» Color(s):Black and Red

Learn More About Scorpios
Scorpio is the eighth Sign of the Zodiac. After Libra's intellectual exploration of other people, Scorpio's interest is in discovering other people's emotions and how they respond to the world around them. Scorpio is the Sign of Sex and Death, the beginning and ending of things, and they explore these ideas from an emotional standpoint. People born under this Sign are investigative and probing, often strongly intuitive and penetrating. As the eighth Sign, Scorpio also rules the eighth House: the House of Sex. more ...

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