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Free Daily Horoscopes
Pisces on February 19, 2018

( For people born between Feb 19 - Mar 20 )
Daily horoscopes and supplementary reports
for Pisceans
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Celebrity Pisceans
Celebrities that were born under the sign of Pisces.

• Adam Baldwin - Actor. Credited cast in the 1992 movie, Radio Flyer.

• Eva Mendes - Actor. Credited cast in the 2001 movie, Exit Wounds.

• Nat Perrin - Writing credits include the 1941 movie, The Big Store.

• Roger Clark - Actor. Credited cast in the 1943 movie, So This Is Washington.

• Barbara Jordan - Actor. Credited cast in the 1985 movie, The Statue of Liberty.

Posters and Photos
  • Albert Einstein
  • Jamie Bell
  • Michael Caine
  • George Miller
  • Ja Rule
  • Marshall Faulk
  • Henry Hathaway
  • Thora Birch
  • Luc Besson

Celebrity listings are updated every day!
Today's Pisces Horoscope
You've got only a little time to achieve your goal: finding some way to make your people understand that working together is better for everyone than keeping this insane battle raging -- it doesn't help anyone at all. You can only do so much, of course -- and you can't make decisions for anyone else. If they don't cooperate this time, don't be too hard on yourself.

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Tomorrow's Forecast
If anyone respects the wisdom of experience, you do. You know just how much time and emotional energy is invested in living and working for so long, and you try to listen and learn, no matter the topic. Don't knock your own instincts, though -- they're as polished as anyone's. If someone you're advising today isn't quite sure what to say, you can count on them giving you the best answer.

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Yesterday's Report for Pisceans
Get ready! The more you've been pondering doing something new and different -- and the more restrained, directed, and controlled you've been lately -- the crazier your behavior seems to others today. That's no reason to stop yourself, though! Your rightly famous instincts have yet to let you down, and today they are telling you to take things in a new direction. Everyone needs to go somewhere, sometime. -- now it's your turn.

» Element:Water
» Ruling Planet:Jupiter and Neptune
» Symbol:the Pair of Fishes
» Color(s):White and Purple

Learn More About Pisceans
Pisces is the twelfth Sign of the Zodiac. It is the final Sign in the cycle of the Zodiac, and it brings together all that is learned by the first eleven Signs to help man reach the pinnacle of his potential. Pisceans are selfless and spiritual, often strongly intuitive, and they are receptive to the collective unconscious. Pisces is the Sign of dreams and secrets, and it represents much that is hidden, both strengths and enemies. As the twelfth Sign, Pisces also rules the twelfth House: the House of the Unconscious. more ...

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