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Free Daily Horoscopes
Libra on March 25, 2017

( For people born between Sept 23 - Oct 22 )
Daily horoscopes and supplementary reports
for Librans
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Celebrity Librans
Celebrities that were born under the sign of Libra.

• Monica Bellucci - Actor. Credited cast in the 1992 movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

• Yves Allégret - Writing credits include the 1953 movie, Les Orgueilleux.

• Peter Frechette - Actor. Credited cast in the 1982 movie, Grease 2.

• James DePaiva - Max Holden on the TV show One Life To Live.

• Avril Lavigne - Musician. Born in Napanee, Ontario in 1984.

Posters and Photos
  • Neve Campbell
  • Heather Locklear
  • Kate Winslet
  • Paul Pierce
  • Linda Darnell
  • Eminem
  • Susan Sarandon
  • Brett Favre
  • Thelonious Monk

Celebrity listings are updated every day!
Today's Libra Horoscope
You may really want to help a friend or coworker who is struggling to keep up right now, but there are limits to what you can do. Don't beat yourself up if you can't make their world as bright as you feel it should be. Everyone goes through tough times, and this person will get through it. More than anything, they just need your support right now. You might not be able to change anything for them, but you can be their friend -- and that's priceless. So just aim for that.

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Tomorrow's Forecast
Try to make exploring with people from other cultures your new hobby today -- different beliefs and customs can offer you some fresh new ideas and inspire you to find a way around a problem that's been plaguing you. New ways of thinking and a foreign perspective will give your creativity a boost. They will give you the drive you've been lacking for a while now. It's an ideal day to step out of your comfort zone and into someone else's world.

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Yesterday's Report for Librans
You'll be immensely entertained today when a voice of authority in your life reveals that they don't know everything after all! In fact, in one particular area, you will be the expert while they will be the novice. Try not to lord this over them or make them feel silly -- after all, you want them on your side! Show them how knowledgeable you are, and thus how valuable you are to them! This is your chance to prove your worth in a big way. Things could start changing soon.

» Element:Air
» Ruling Planet:Venus
» Symbol:the Scales
» Color(s):Pink and Light Blue

Learn More About Librans
Libra is the seventh Sign of the Zodiac. The first six Signs represent personal development, while the second six represent man's turning outward to other people. Libra is the first Sign in this half of the Zodiac, and thus it's the first Sign of reaching out to others -- they strive to create balance and harmony between self and other. It represents marriage and partnership, the most basic ways for people to come together. As the seventh Sign, Libra also rules the seventh House: the House of Partnership. more ...

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