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From cartoons and horoscopes, to online games and entertainment news.

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Fun and entertainment is the task at hand. Put those worries aside, kick back, and relax.
Today's Birthday : The stars are in charge of your emotions right now, and they're currently persuading you to hibernate. So it won't be surprising to find you in the mood for nothing more than staying in. Fine -- but no one says you have to do it alone. You can invite someone equally home-loving but still interesting, to join you for a terrific dinner and one of those yummy desserts. Astrology

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Play Jump and Catch Jump and Catch

Similar to BreakOut with some cool twists. Play Jump and Catch today in the online GameHouse.

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Alice Otter Alice Otter

A great cartoon, direct from the talented hands of Miguel Estrugo. Adventures of Alice Otter, a young otter girl, and her family and friends, set on the imaginary town of Liroland. A very tender look at childhood, the time when everything is amazing and worries are minimal.

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