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Education Resources and Schools
education educational resources

If you're trying to locate a school, library, or educational stats, you've come to the right place.

education databanks
Key information databases in the education resource area.

Schools - Public and Private
The core Schools Center includes listings of over 100,000 Elementary, High School, and Special Needs institutions from both the public and private sectors.
Libraries - Public and State
Through the Library Center you can locate both public and state agencies, along with their contact information, addresses, inventory stats, and official web site links (where available).
Colleges and Universities
The College Center offers a database of over ten thousand institutions, with contact information, student stats, and links to their official web sites (where available).

Additional Resources
Significant reports and statistics of interest.

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance
Review state statistics and key national survey assessments to get a better idea for what students are up against.
Drugs in the United States
Learn more about the risks of drugs on your streets, and state drug profiles.

Education Center
Institution Databases
Pub & Prv Schools
Public Libraries
College & University

Surveys and Stats
Youth Risks

Special Offers
Family Freebies
Student Credit Cards
Student Health Quotes

Learn Something
Country References

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Quick Facts
When surveyed, 30% of High School students in Wisconsin did not participate in moderate or vigorous physical activity.


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