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1. National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD )
A private organization registered with the Securities Exchange Commission to provide self-regulation of the over-the-counter (OTC) securities market. NASD issues rules governing the practices of broker-dealer firms in the OTC market.

2. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ )
An automated data network providing brokers and dealers with price quotations on securities traded in the over-the-counter market.

3. National Association of State Savings & Loan Supervisors (NASS&LS )
The former name of a national organization representing state thrift institution regulators. It is now called the American Council of State Savings Supervisors (ACSSS).

4. National Council of Community Bankers
A former trade organization of savings banks, savings and loans, cooperative banks and commercial banks. The organization began using its name on September 13, 1991. Previously it was called the National Council of Savings institutions, which was formed by the November 1, 1983 merger of the National Savings and Loan League (founded in 1943) and the National Association of Mutual Savings Banks (founded in 1920). On June 1, 1992, the National Council of Community Bankers merged with the United States League of Savings Institutions to form the Savings & Community Bankers of America.

5. National Credit Union Administration (NCUA )
The federal agency that charters, examines, supervises and insures federal credit unions. NCUA also insures state-chartered credit unions that apply and qualify for deposit insurance. In addition, the NCUA operates a central credit facility for member credit unions.

6. national debt
The debt owed by the federal government.

7. nationwide loan
A mortgage loan on improved real property located outside a lending institution's normal business territory but within the United States, its territories or possessions.

8. negative amortization
The result of a mortgage repayment plan in which the borrower makes payments that amount to less than the interest due. Unpaid interest is then added to the outstanding loan balance, causing the outstanding loan balance to increase instead of decrease.

9. negative cash flow
The situation in which expenditures required to maintain an investment exceed income received on the investment.

10. negotiable
Able to be transferred or assigned, in place of money, in the ordinary course of conducting business.

11. negotiable instrument
A written promise or order signed by the maker to transfer a specified sum of money on demand or at a fixed future time to the person named on the instrument or to the bearer. A negotiable instrument is usually in the form of a check, draft, bill of exchange, promissory note or acceptance.

12. negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) account
A savings account with characteristics of a checking account. An account holder can withdraw funds by writing a negotiable order of withdrawal payable to a third party. NOW accounts may earn interest.

13. Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS )
Programs aimed at halting the further decline of neighborhoods that have begun to deteriorate. They are based on a partnership of community residents, lenders, and local government. NHS is administered by the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation.

14. Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Was created by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1978 to help establish locally run self-help coalitions of business leaders, residents, and local government officials, called Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) programs, that encourage communities to revitalize depressed urban neighborhoods and thus make home financing more attractive in these areas.

15. nest egg
Slang for money saved, often in a savings account, in preparation for retirement or other significant use.

16. net
The amount remaining after certain deductions have been made from the gross amount.

17. net balance
The amount of debt outstanding at a particular time, after all refunds and adjustments have been calculated. It is often called the payoff balance or net payoff.

18. net income
Gross income less expenses, including taxes and insurance, but before depreciation, additions to reserves or distribution of earnings.

19. net interest income

Related Term : net interest margin

20. net interest margin
Interest income earned on assets less interest expense paid on liabilities and capital. This is the gross margin for financial institutions.

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