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A rating system formerly used by examiners to evaluate the safety and soundness of savings institutions. MACRO is an acronym for the five elements that were evaluated: Management, Asset quality, Capital adequacy, Risk management and Operating results. Based on the examiner's evaluation, each element was rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and the institution was assigned an overall MACRO rating of 1 to 5. Rating 1 indicated a strong performance, significantly higher than average. Rating 2 reflected satisfactory performance, which was average or above. Rating 3 reflected performance that was marginal and as such was considered below average. Rating 4 referred to performance that was significantly below average. If left unchecked, such performance might have evolved into weaknesses or conditions that could have threatened the viability of the institution. Rating 5 was considered unsatisfactory; performance that was critically deficient and in need of immediate remedial attention. Such performance, by itself or in combination with other weaknesses, impaired the viability of the institution. The MACRO rating system was used by federal thrift examiners from 1984 until August 15, 1994, when it was replaced by the CAMELS rating system.

2. macroeconomics
The study of economics in terms of whole systems, especially with reference to general levels of output and income and to the interrelations among sectors within the economy.

Related Term : microeconomics

3. maker
An individual, firm, or other legal entity who signs a note, check, or other negotiable instrument and is authorized or responsible for so doing.

4. mandatory delivery
A type of loan purchase program offered by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation in which delivery of loans by the seller/servicer to Freddie Mac is required.

5. manufactured home
A dwelling that is wholly or substantially built in a factory with major components then delivered to the building site for assembly. Mobile homes, as well as prefabricated stationary homes, are included in the category of manufactured home.

6. margin
(1) in futures trading, a specific dollar amount, set by each exchange, that both buyers and sellers must deposit as a guarantee that both will perform as agreed to make or take delivery during a designated period of time. The deposit is held by the clearing organization of the exchange. (2) in stock transactions, margin refers to the down payment required when borrowing from a broker to finance the purchase of stock. In this case, margin requirements may be set by the Federal Reserve Board, the Board of Governors of the Exchange or the broker. The margin is expressed as a percentage of the purchase price.

7. mark to market
An accounting procedure by which assets are "marked," or recorded, at their current market value, which may be higher or lower than their purchase price or book value.

8. mark to the market
The daily adjustment of the amount of funds in margin accounts to reflect the market gain or loss on the position as measured by changes in the daily settlement price. This ensures that the account contains the minimum amount of margin funds required by the Federal Reserve Board, the Stock Exchange and/or the brokerage house involved.

9. market
(1) all persons possessing the ability and desire or potential desire to purchase and take delivery of a product or service. (2) the estimated or actual level of demand for a product or service.

10. market data approach to value
The estimation of the market value of a property by comparing it with similar properties in the general area that have sold recently under comparable conditions.

11. market maker
One who stands ready to buy or sell financial instruments at bid or asking prices throughout the business day. Market makers attempt to profit from the bid/ask spread.

12. market research
The process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information about a market; about a product or service to be offered for sale in that market; and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service.

13. market value
The highest price a property will bring in a competitive and open market. The price that an owner is prepared to accept to sell property and a buyer is willing to pay.

Related Term : fair market value

14. market value of portfolio equity (MVPE )

Related Term : net portfolio value

15. marketability
The relative ease in which an asset can be sold quickly at a price near the price at which similar assets are selling.

16. marketable securities
Those securities for which there is a valid expectation of finding a buyer in an available, active market.

17. marketable title
Title to property that is free of defects and that will legally be accepted without objection. Also known as perfect title, clear title, and good title.

18. markup
(1) the difference between the cost and selling price of an item or service expressed in either dollars or a percentage and calculated to cover the seller's operating expenses plus a profit. (2) the process of amending or changing legislation while in committee.

19. master deed
The basic condominium document that must be registered by the originating property owner prior to the conveyance of the first unit sold. Also referred to as the condominium declaration, the master deed thoroughly describes the entire condominium entity, and specifies essential elements of ownership that permanently govern its operation

20. master in chancery
An official appointed by a court to take testimony, calculate interest, project damage costs, determine liens, and perform other related duties as requested by the court.

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