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1. illiquid
Describes an asset that cannot easily be converted into cash; the opposite of liquid. Illiquid assets can be converted into cash, but usually only after a period of time and often at a loss in value.

2. immediate purchase contract
An over-the-counter offer by a seller to a purchaser of a mortgage.

3. implied warranty
A provision of the law that holds that a product is guaranteed to be fit for consumption or use even though the manufacturer or merchant makes no written statement to that effect.

4. impound
To seize, hold, or place in protective custody by order of a court. Examples include impounded property and impounded records.

5. impound account

Related Term : escrow account

6. imprest fund
(1) available money of a designated amount maintained in order to pay for small, routine operating expenses of a business or other organization. Also called a petty cash fund. (2) a loan of government funds

7. improved real estate
Real property on which one or more structures have been built for either residential or business use, or a combination of both.

8. improvements
Additions to raw land that normally increase its usefulness and value, such as buildings, streets and sewers.

9. in fee
Ownership of land with all the rights and obligations of ownership including the right to sell or give away the land or pass it on to one's heirs.

10. in the money
A situation in which an investor will receive a profit from the sale or purchase of a financial instrument. This results when the investor holds a contract to buy a stock at a price less than its market value, or holds a contract to sell a stock at a price greater than its market value.

11. in-fill housing
Housing that is built on vacant lots in built-up areas of a city.

12. inactive account
A savings account on which no transaction has occurred (except the crediting of earnings) for a specific number of years. Also called a dormant account.

13. inalienable
Something that may not be sold, transferred or assigned to another.

14. inchoate
Newly begun, incomplete, not organized.

15. inchoate courtesy
The imperfected ownership interest that the law gives a husband in the properties of his wife, which becomes perfected upon the death of the wife and may result in possession and use.

16. inchoate dower
The imperfected interest that the law gives a wife in the property of her husband, which becomes perfected upon the death of the husband and may result in possession and use.

17. income
Money or its equivalent received in exchange for labor, for services, from the sale of goods or property, or as earnings on investments.

18. income approach to value
The process of estimating the market value of a property by comparing the net rental income the property would produce over its remaining effective life with the yields that could be obtained from other kinds of investments of comparable risk.

19. income beneficiary
A person designated to receive income from a trust during the term of the trust.

20. income capital certificate (ICC )
An instrument developed by the former Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation to provide assistance to troubled thrift institutions. Under the program, the thrift issued ICCs to the FSLIC in return for cash or the FSLIC's promissory notes. The thrift was allowed to count outstanding ICCs as part of its net worth (minimum required capital). As the institution regained financial health, the ICCs were retired.

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