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1. gain
An increase, benefit, profit, or advantage which is more than at a previous time.

2. gap
The difference between the dollar value of assets and liabilities with the same remaining term to maturity and repricing. The gap is usually expressed as a percentage of assets.

3. gap financing
An interim loan made to provide funding during the time between the end of loans extended during the development stage of a project and the beginning of the permanent mortgage extended to the buyer.

4. gap management
A technique using hedging to offset difference in the volume of assets and liabilities being repriced within a given time period. Repricing occurs because assets or liabilities mature and are reinvested at new rates or because they carry adjustable rates tied to some index. Gap refers to a specific period of time, such as a 30-day gap, in which assets repricing exceed or fall short of repricing liabilities.

5. garnishment
A notice to an employer or other asset holder requiring that monies, wages, or property due a debtor be withheld and given to a creditor to be applied to a specific debt in arrears.

6. gazebo
An ornamental garden pavilion, designed to let in light and air and often situated to take advantage of a view. It is constructed of light metal or wood

7. general and administrative expenses (G&A )
The expenses of operating a business that are not directly linked to the company's products or services. They include salaries, rent and payments to utilities generally known as overhead.

8. general contractor
A party that performs or supervises the construction or development of a property pursuant to the terms of a primary contract with the property owner. The general contractor may use its own employees to perform the work and/or the services of other contractors called subcontractors.

9. general ledger
An accounting record or legend in which are listed all increases or decreases of all other accounts such as liability, reserve, capital, income and expense accounts.

10. general obligation bonds
State or municipal debt instruments backed by the general taxing and borrowing authority of the state or municipality.

11. general partner
A co-owner of a business who is liable for all debts and other obligations of the venture as well as for the management and operation of the partnership. A general partner can have control of the business and can take actions that are binding on the other partners.

12. general reserves
The funds that are set aside by a financial institution for the sole purpose of covering possible losses that have not yet been specifically identified.

13. general valuation allowance
A reserve held against assets other than those individually classified as loss.

14. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP )
Accounting rules and procedures adopted by the accounting profession to facilitate uniformity in preparing financial statements.

15. gentrification
The rehabilitation of a deteriorated neighborhood by new residents who are wealthier than the long-time residents. This can cause an increase in housing prices and lead to displacement of the long-time residents.

16. gestor
In law, someone who acts for another.

17. Ginnie Mae
Popular name for Government National Mortgage Association.

18. gnomes
Wall Street slang for 15-year Participation Certificates sold by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

19. gnomes of Zurich
Slang referring to financial and banking people of Zurich, Switzerland, who are involved in foreign exchange speculation. The term was coined by Great Britain's Labour ministers during the 1964 sterling crisis.

20. going long
A strategy in hedging by which loans are originated before an attempt is made to sell the loans to investors. In securities markets the term means buying something with no immediate intention of selling it.

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