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1. earnest money
A sum of money given to bind an agreement, such as the sale of real estate, the advance of a loan or some other transaction requiring a deposit. Earnest money is forfeited by the donor if he or she fails to carry out the terms of the contract or agreement.

2. earning assets
Total assets less repossessed assets, office premises and equipment, and nonaccrual loans.

3. earnings
(1) net income. (2) anything that is earned as compensation for labor (salary, wages, tips, bonuses) or as compensation for the use of something of value (rent, interest, dividends and other returns on investments). (3) the profits of a business.

4. earnings per share
The total after-tax earnings of a corporation divided by the total number of its outstanding shares.

5. earnings-based accounts
Certificates of deposit that pay a rate of interest based at least in part on the earnings or profitability of assets held by the institution.

6. easement
A right held by one person to make specific, limited use of land owned by another person. An easement is granted by the owner of the property for the convenience, or ease, of the person using the property. Common easements include the right to pass across the property, the right to construct and maintain a roadway across the property, the right to construct a pipeline under the land, or a power line over the land. Easements for party walls that share a common foundation, are common in town house and condominium developments.

7. econometric model
A set of mathematical equations that depict real economic conditions both in the present and in the future. Econometric models are used to determine the economic effects of changes in government policy and regulation, changes in interest rates, tax law, wage levels, population trends and many other factors. All the factors influence each other, so changing one factor will have a chain reaction effect on the other factors. Data showing the effects and relationships of each factor to the other factors are entered into a computer, programmed with the model's equations. Using the computerized model, analysts can determine the probable economic consequences of various regulatory or business options.

8. economic depreciation
The loss of value of real estate due to changes occurring outside of the affected property, such as a decline in the neighborhood or changes in zoning.

9. economic life
The length of time during which a piece of property may be put to profitable use. Usually less than its physical life.

10. economic rent
The amount of rent a property likely would command in the open market if it were vacant and available for rent. Economic rent may be more or less than the actual rent currently in force.

11. economics
The branch of the social sciences that deals with the financial considerations of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

12. Edge Act corporation
An organization chartered by the Federal Reserve to engage in international banking operations. The Federal Reserve Board acts upon applications by U.S. and foreign banking organizations to establish Edge corporations. The Board also examines Edge corporations and their subsidiaries. The Edge corporation gets its name from Senator Walter Edge of New Jersey, the sponsor of the original legislation to permit the formation of such organizations.

A computer network with which data on the examination and supervision of savings institutions is transmitted electronically between federal thrift regulators. The acronym stands for: Examination Data System/ Supervisory Action Control System/Report Of Examination. EDS includes data on when an examination began and ended, the number of examiner man-hours used to complete the examination, the rating(s) assigned to the examined savings institution and any violations uncovered during the examination. SACS includes information on supervisory actions taken to correct problems at the savings institution. ROE is the summary of the examiners' findings on the condition of the savings institution.

14. education loan
An advance of funds to a student for the purpose of financing a college or vocational education.

15. effective rate
The actual yield of interest as opposed to the stated rate. For deposits, the effective rate of interest is based on the accounting method used to compute interest and the frequency of compounding. For loans, the effective rate is the stated interest rate plus fees and charges prorated over the estimated life of the mortgage, usually ten years.

16. efficiency apartment
A small, one-room apartment that serves as the occupant's total living, sleeping and eating space, usually containing a separate bathroom.

17. egress
To go out, exit, leave. It is used with the word "ingress" (to go in, enter) to describe the right of access to real property.

18. ekistics
The science of human settlements, including regional, city and community planning and dwelling design.

19. electronic funds transfer systems (EFTS )
Any system that moves funds from one institution to another, by means of electronic signals transmitted by wire, rather than the physical exchange of some other medium such as paper checks.

20. elevation drawing
A drawing of the geometrical exterior of a building or other structure as seen from a horizontal view without dimensional perspective.

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