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Calculator Currency Exchange Rates Calculator
Check the latest currency exchange rates on the world markets. Rates updated mid-day each business day.

$ Amount To Convert October 22, 2017
Select the currency you would like to convert from.
Select the currency you would like to convert to.

Exchange Rates

Want a quick review of the US Dollar in relation to world markets? Following are selected currencies based on mid-day rates for what $1 US will get you:

$23.38 - Honduran lempiras
$7.78 - Hong Kong dollars
$13.34 - South African rands
$15.43 - Argentine pesos
$152.49 - Sri Lanka rupees
$0.92 - European Euros
$287.20 - Hungarian forints
$50.20 - Philippine pesos
$1.34 - Australian dollars
$6.89 - Chinese renminbis
$8.87 - Swedish kronas
$0.77 - U.K. pound sterlings
$6.83 - Danish krones
$112.93 - Serbian dinars
$104.79 - Pakistan rupees
$1.46 - New Zealand dollars
$1,366.50 - Myanmars (Burma) kyat
$3.19 - Brazilian reals
$24.65 - Czech Republic korunas
$9.92 - Moroccan dirhams

Disclaimer and Advisory: Exchange rates are updated each business day at approximately 1:30PM EST. Conversions are based on the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Bank of Canada rates and are for reference purposes only. The actual exchange rates that you will get will depend on the quantity you are exchanging, whether you are buying or selling local currency, and where you are exchanging your money.
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