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Investment and Business Calculators
Calculator Household Budget Planner Calculator
Proper household budgets and planning can make all the difference.

The single best thing you can do for yourself financially is to make sure you live within your income, but there's no way you can be sure you're doing that unless you:
  • Know what you are spending by category.
  • Compare what you actually spend by category with a budget by category.
  • Determine that budget based on your net income (which is your take-home income, after deductions are made for taxes, insurance, savings, etc.)

This calculator determines whether your spending is within or beyond your net income. To use it:

  • In "Monthly Net Income" enter your monthly net income which is your income after all taxes and deductions have been taken out.
  • Enter dollar values for every spending category. Place your spending within the individual categories in a way that makes the most sense to you, and be sure to include all your spending.
  • Do not use any commas.
Monthly Net Income
Other Income
Mortgage or Rent Payment
Insurance Payments
Home Maintenance
Telephone / Online service / Cable TV
Food - Eating Out
Clothing/Uniforms -- Adults
Clothing -- Children
Car Payments
Car Maintenance
Child Care
Unreimbursed Medical/Optical
Public Transportation
Recreation & Entertainment
Savings Automatic Deposit
Credit Card Payments
Loan Payments
Child Support/Alimony
Total Income
Total Expenses
Surplus or Deficit
Look for the box called "Surplus or Deficit" at the bottom of the budget. If your Total Expenses are less than your Net Income, congratulations -- you're running a "Surplus," and you could save even more!

If your Total Expenses are more than your Net Income, you have a "Deficit," and that's a problem. If this is the case, you need to cut back your spending wherever possible.

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