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Investment and Business Calculators
Calculator Debt Advice Calculator
This calculator gives you an assessment of whether you are carrying too much total debt - excluding mortgage.

To use this calculator:
  • In "Monthly Net Income," enter your monthly net income, which is your income after all taxes and deductions have been taken out.
  • In "Debt Payments," enter the total amount you paid last month to all parties you owe money to (again, NOT counting your mortgage). This includes all credit card payments, all payments on home equity loans and all payments on any other type of loan.
  • In "Amount Saved," enter the amount you added to your savings account last month.
  • Do not use commas.
Monthly Net Income
Debt Payments (last month)
Amount Saved (last month)
Your Debt-To-Income ratio
Your Debt Position
  • Your "Debt To Income Ratio," expressed as a percent. This is the "Loan Payments" divided by your "Monthly Net Income."
  • Your "Debt Position." If you are saving less than 10 percent of your net income or if you are spending more than 20% to service your loans, your debt load is considered "troubled."

    If your position is evaluated as "troubled," you might like to pay a visit to your personal financial manager, who can recommend the appropriate next steps, given your specific situation.

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