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Investment and Business Calculators
Calculator Credit Card Debt Calculator
This calculator estimates the number of months it will take you to pay off the balance of a specific credit card.

To use this calculator:
  • In "Debt On the Card," enter what you owe on the credit card after your latest payment.
  • In "Monthly Payment On the Card," enter how much you can afford to pay each month to this credit card.
  • In "APR of the Card," enter the annual percentage interest rate (APR) of this particular credit card. You can find the APR at the bottom of the credit card's monthly statement.
  • Do not use commas.
Debt on the Card
Monthly Payment on the Card
APR of the Card (%)
Months Until Debt Is Gone
Total Payment Required for Zero Balance
Interest Paid for Zero Balance
  • "Months Until Debt Is Gone," the number of months it will take you to fully pay off the card's debt, assuming you do not add to its balance and that you pay the stated monthly amount until the balance is gone.
  • "Total Payment Required for Zero Balance", the total amount you need to pay to eliminate that balance.
  • "Interest Paid for Zero Balance", that portion of the Total Payment that is interest only. The amount of interest you will need to pay which is NOT tax-deductible may surprise you!
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