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10 Tips for an Effective Resume

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Preparing a resume that makes an impact doesn't have to be that hard. Here are 10 simple tips that apply to all resumes:

  1. If possible, use a computer to prepare your resume. There are computer programs that make it easy to produce a professional-looking resume. Your local school, library, Employment Service office or "quick print" shop can help.
  2. Include all essential parts of a resume.
  3. Center all headings and don't use abbreviations.
  4. Be positive. Identify accomplishments.
  5. Use action verbs (see below).
  6. Be specific . Use concise sentences or phrases. Keep it short. One or two pages is best.
  7. Make sure your resume looks good (neat and readable).
  8. Do not include irrelevant personal information (age, weight, height, marital status, etc.,) or what your wages were in previous jobs.
  9. Proofread the master copy carefully to make sure there are no mistakes. Have someone else proofread it carefully.
  10. Inspect photocopies for clarity, smudges, and marks.

Action Verbs
Action verbs give your resume power and direction. Try to begin all statements about your experience and skills with an action verb. Here are some action verbs you may want to use:

Management skills - administered, analyzed, coordinated, developed, directed, evaluated, improved, supervised

Clerical skills - arranged, catalogued, compiled, generated, organized, processed, persuaded, systematized

Creative skills - conceptualized, created, designed, established, fashioned, illustrated, invented, performed

Helping skills - assessed, coached, counseled, diagnosed, facilitated, represented

Technical skills - assembled, built, calculated, operated, overhauled, remodeled, repaired

Communication skills - arranged, addressed, drafted, formulated

Financial skills - administered, analyzed, budgeted, forecasted, marketed, planned, projected

Research skills - clarified, evaluated, identified, inspected, organized 

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