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Fuel Economy
Fuel Economy To use the car and truck fuel economy database, you must first select the year, make, and then the model. You must select all options before proceeding.
  Year   Make   Model  
If your model does not appear after selecting the year, no economy data is available.

Statistics - Fuel Economy Highlights
Comparison Rankings by Gas Mileage - Top 25
The following form can be used to review the best and worst performers based on combined gas mileage.
Vehicle ClassYearSort By

Comparison Rankings by Annual Fuel Costs - Top 25
The following form allows you to review the most cost efficient and the most expensive vehicles to run, based on average fuel prices.

Vehicle ClassYearSort By

Fuel Economy Data Assumptions
Estimated annual fuel costs are based on 15,000m driven, at the following pricing per gallon:
• Regular at $1.41, Premium at $1.6, Diesel at $1.32, Compressed Natural Gas at $1.4, E85 at $2.45
• Fuel type based on manufacturer recommendation and may or may not be the only alternative.
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