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Auto center features and reference articles.

1. Buying a Used Car
Before you start shopping for a used car with a teenager you know, do some homework. It may save you serious money.

2. Gas Saving Products, Proceed with Caution
Gas prices are up, causing many drivers to look for ways to improve fuel efficiency.

3. Reading Between the Lines of Car Ads
Many new car dealers advertise unusually low interest rates and other special promotions.

4. Buying a New Car
A new car is second only to a home as the most expensive purchase many consumers make.

5. Alternative Fueled Vehicles and Fuels
Driving a car fueled by something other than gasoline or diesel fuel is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

6. Vehicle Repossession
When you finance or lease a car, truck or other vehicle, your creditor or lessor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your leasing obligation.

7. Used Cars: How to Get a Peach, Not a Lemon
Listen to this: A man from Chicago's Far Southwest Side went to an area dealership to buy a dependable used car for his stepdaughter.

8. How To Be Penny Wise, Not Pump Fuelish
The high price of gasoline doesn't have to bust your budget. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the American Automobile Association (AAA) offer these tips to help fuel savings at the pump.

9. The Low-Down on High Octane Gas
Are you tempted to buy a high octane gasoline for your car because you want to improve its performance?

10. Do New Car Prices Leave You Dizzy?
We are very motivated sellers, the telephone message said. This is a great opportunity to save on your new car! My friend had just gone on the ...

11. What to Know Before Renting a Car
People often opt to rent a car to ensure maximum freedom and flexibility during their travel. But according to the American Car Rental Association ...

12. Communicate for Better Auto Service
Car repairs need not be a game of chance. According to experts with the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) ...


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